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Corporate Brochure

The types of services we offer, a detailed corporate history and a list of construction references can all be found in our Corporate Brochure. You will also find a list of some of the current projects NARDI is working on along with photos and estimated completion dates.

Concrete Tilt-Up Construction Projects Brochure

Here we are focusing on concrete tilt-up construction. NARDI has constructed over six million square feet of tilt-up construction. This up and coming type of construction is increasing in popularity due to the speed of construction, as well as economical gains. Projects featured include: award-winning Gateway 270, Marshfield Business Park, Cotler Business Park and many more.

Interior Office/Tenant Projects Brochure

This brochure focuses on some of our tenant fit-ups. NARDI has completed interior work on new and existing warehouses, office spaces, residential properties and retail spaces. In some cases, work was completed while allowing the client to remain fully operational. Projects featured include: Thales Communications, Ethan Allen, United Health Group, as well as others.

Retail Projects Brochure

This section is highlighting some of our retail projects including strip centers, malls and restaurants as well as tenant fit-ups for retailers. The jobs featured in this brochure offer a look at the wide range of tasks that NARDI Construction, Inc. has undertaken, including base building modifications, renovation, expansion of existing structures, and design build for retail spaces. Projects featured include: Congressional Volkswagon, King Farm, Potomac Mills Mall and more.

Church, School, & Municipal Projects Brochure

Our church, school and municipal projects can be found here. A few of the structural components that were involved in completing these jobs include steel framing, cast-in place concrete, "A" frame construction, and metal standing seam roofs. A few of the projects featured include: Evangel Church, St. John the Baptist, and Chevy Chase Village Hall.

Multi Story Projects Brochure

Some of our multi story projects are showcased here. These buildings range in size from two stories to eight or more stories. We have completed underground parking at a multi story facility as well. Projects featured include: Four Irvington Centre at King Farm (underground parking recently completed), Roanoke County Public Safety Building and more.

Manufacturing Projects Brochure

This small brochure lists our manufacturing projects, including all types of surfaces from static sensitive areas to special electrical installations for highly specified equipment. Projects featured include: WAVE, Thales Communications @ Gateway 270 and more.

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