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NARDI Excellence

NARDI Construction, Inc. is proud to provide focused, hands-on construction services to owners, developers, and lenders, starting from the acquisition stage, progressing into project inception, and flowing through completion of all construction phases of any given project’s requirements.

Our involvement begins with site selection, site development and architectural land planning. Reviewing documents from the conceptual through working site allows us to provide a multi-response to suit any owner’s requirements. Contract document drawing review services in architectural, structural, and MPE disciplines are conducted by our in-house staff, along with trade subcontractor overview; in order to provide street view input on equipment, methods, design and procedures in the planning stage. This phase can be followed by preliminary project pricing/scheduling services throughout all phases of the project’s development. If requested, during our review process we will verify the availability of proposed materials, systems, and equipment, making alternate suggestions without compromising the design intent.

As your General Contractor, Construction Manager, or Team Design/Build member, our construction capabilities and expertise cover all aspects of the construction process. This includes site development and base buildings in single or multi-story, through projects in the rehab arena, brick and block / concrete tilt-up in both single and multi-story configurations, churches, schools, daycare, and turnkey facilities. We render complete construction services throughout the tenant occupancy phase.

Our portfolio includes the construction of new warehouses, office buildings, churches, and schools, as well as mall rehabs, new retail centers, strip centers, restaurants, condos and multi-family projects, along with all venues of the tenant fit-up construction. Our multifaceted diversification within the construction industry helps keep our team of professionals sharp, focused, and eager to meet the daily challenges we may face.

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